Titan Tales: Diary of a Missile Crew Commander

tales.jpg - 13.5 KThe Cold War forms the background for this true story, and against that steady ebb and flow the ragged pulse of the war in Vietnam slowly rises in intensity throughout the book.

Titan Tales describes two years in the life of a young Air Force officer. We see him in his daily crew duties commanding a Titan ICBM, keeping that nuclear-armed missile ready for instant launch, and at the same time learning the duties and skills of being a father. From the missile base in Arkansas, the family travels to California, for a seven-week tour that culminates in the step-by-step action of an underground launch of a Titan II. Later, the story takes us back across the United States to the Florida of 1967, and we briefly visit a place that, in a very real way, no longer exists.

There are many excerpts throughout the book that describe a direct observation of nature and life I which are written in a strong Zen-like quality. You may find yourself observing not just a part of nature, but a deep place within yourself. The book is also written with humor and it reads with a lively pace and has a rhythm that will lead you on from page to page.

John Womack served as a crewmember on the Titan II for six years. He commanded a senior instructor crew at the alternate command posts and launched a Titan II from Vandenberg AFB, in California. He has presented speeches and seminars on the Titan II, and published articles in professional magazines concerning missile operation, missile safety and management techniques. After serving three tours in Vietnam, and retiring from the Air Force, he is now an outdoor photographer and free-lance writer who lives in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains.

Titan Tales sells for $15.95, and is available from the publisher as well as stores. Please send check, money orders or inquiries to Soliloquy Press, 1030 35th Ave Lane NE, Hickory, NC 28601.

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