Titan II Vandenberg Test Launch History

      Air Force        
Date Site Missile # Serial # Code Name Op. # Program Unit
30-Jul-64 395-D B-28 62-0009 Cobra Skin W-5342 DASO 395th SMS
11-Aug-64 395-C B-9 61-2763 Double Tally W-5427 DASO 395th SMS
13-Aug-64 395-B B-7 61-2761 Gentle Annie W-5440 DASO 395th SMS
2-Oct-64 395-C B-1 61-2755 Black Widow W-4907 DASO 308th SMW
4-Nov-64 395-D B-32 62-013 High Rider W-5897 DASO 381st SMW
24-Mar-65 395-B B-60 63-7715 Artic Sun W-7355 OT-1 390th SMW
16-Apr-65 395-C B-45 62-0026 Bear Hug W7564 OT-2 390th SMW
30-Apr-65 395-D B-54 62-12297 Card Deck W-7485 OT-3 390th SMW
21-May-65 395-B B-51 62-12294 Front Sight W-7722 OT-4 381st SMW
14-Jun-65 395-C B-22 62-0003 Gold Fish W-7799 OT-5 381st SMW
30-Jun-65 395-D B-30 62-011 Busy Bee W-7814 OT-6 381st SMW
21-Jul-65 395-B B-62 63-07717 Long Ball W-7820 OT-7 390th SMW
16-Aug-65 395-C B-6 61-02760 Magic Lamp W-7806 OT-8 308th SMW
30-Aug-65 395-D B-19 61-2773 New Role W-7835 OT-9 308th SMW
21-Sep-65 395-B B-58 62-12301 Bold Guy W-7859 OT-10 381st SMW
20-Oct-65 395-C B-33 62-0014 Power Box W-7849 OT-11 308th SMW
27-Nov-65 395-D B-20 61-2774 Red Wagon W-1404 OT-12 308th SMW
30-Nov-65 395-B B-4 61-2758 Cross Fire W-7844 OT-13 381st SMW
22-Dec-65 395-C B-73 63-7728 Sea Rover W-7914 OT-14 308th SMW
3-Feb-66 395-D B-87 64-0451 Winter Ice W-3662 OT-15 390th SMW
18-Feb-66 395-B B-61 63-07716 Black Hawk W-1555 OT-16 381st SMW
25-Mar-66 395-C B-16 61-2770 Close Touch W-1851 OT-17 390th SMW
5-Apr-66 395-D B-50 62-12294 Gold Ring W-8020 OT-18 308th SMW
20-Apr-66 395-B B-55 62-12298 Long Light W-7984 OT-19 381st SMW
24-May-66 395-C B-91 64-0455 Silver Bullet W-7955 FOT-1 381st SMW
22-Jul-66 395-B B-95 64-0459 Giant Train W-7968 ST 308th SMW
18-Sep-66 395-C B-40 62-021 Black River W-7920 FOT-2 390th SMW
24-Nov-66 395-B B-68 63-7723 Bubble Girl W-8807 FOT-3 390th SMW
17-Mar-67 395-C B-76 63-7731 Gift Horse W-7941 FOT-4 381st SMW
12-Apr-67 395-B B-81 63-7736 Glamor Girl W-7995 FOT-5 308th SMW
23-Jun-67 395-B B-70 63-7725 Buggy Wheel W-8022 FOT-6  
11-Sep-67 395-B B-21 62-0002 Glowing Bright 44 W-8038 FOT-7 381st SMW
30-Nov-67 395-B B-69 63-7724 Glowing Bright 49 abort FOT-8 308th SMW
28-Feb-68 395-B B-88 64-0452 Glory Trip 04T W-8126 FOT-9 395th SMS
2-Apr-68 395-C B-36 62-0017 Glory Trip 010T W-5576 FOT-10 395th SMS
12-Jun-68 395-C B-82 63-7737 Glory Trip 08T W-8172 FOT-11 395th SMS
21-Aug-68 395-C B-53 62-12296 Glory Trip 18T W-7537 FOT-12 395th SMS
19-Nov-68 395-C B-3 61-2757 Glory Trip 026T W-0852 FOT-13 395th SMS
20-May-69 395-B B-83 63-7738 Glory Trip 039T W-3226 FOT-14 395th SMS
26-May-71 395-C B-69 63-7724 MI-17 abort SSTTP 390th SMW
20-Jun-71 395-C B-12 61-2766 MI-17 W-2709 SSTTP 390th SMW
27-Aug-71 395-C B-100 65-10644 M2-1 W-0291 SSTTP 308th SMW
24-May-72 395-C B-46 62-00027 M2-10 W-6639 SSTTP 381st SMW
11-Oct-72 395-C B-78 63-7733 M2-14 W-4006 SSTTP 390th SMW
5-Oct-73 395-C B-69 63-7724 M2-27 W-8340 SSTTP 308th SMW
1-Mar-74 395-C B-85 64-0449 M2-31 W-7443 SSTTP 381st SMW
20-Jun-74 395-C B-41 62-0022 M2-36 abort SSTTP 390th SMW
9-Jan-75 395-C B-27 62-0008 ST W-2592 SOFT-1 308th SMW
7-Aug-75 395-C B-52 62-12295 DG-2 W-5006 BMDTTP 381st SMW
4-Dec-75 395-C B-41 (B-18) 62-0022 DG-4 W-5678 BMDTTP 390th SMW
27-Jun-76 395-C B-17 62-2771 Rivet Hawk W-8440 ITF-1 308th SMW

Information provided by Dr. David Stumpf

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